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♡skins blog♡

♡skins blog♡

♡skins blog♡

Skins Blog

Skins Blog
I want to be craved.
I want to be yearned for.
I want to be longed for.
I want to be the vines that grow slowly around your soul,
Capturing you, enticing you, seducing you
Yet holding you, protecting you.
I want you to destroy me in the most beautiful ways ever.
Mark me, claim me, love me.
I want to destroy you in the most beautiful ways ever.
Possessing you, colouring you, loving you.
I want your demons and devils to play with mine.
I need your angels to sing with mine.
I want your demons to create riots in me
And mine, in you.
I need your angels to silence it all when it gets too goddamn loud.
And mine, for you.
I don’t want your easy and simple.
I want you, your raw, broken, dark soul.
You don’t need my stable and logical.
I want you to need my crazy, cracked, violent soul.
Fuck roses, fuck the rules, fuck the easy and the simple quiet life,
We’ll conquer the Worlds, the Heavens, the Hells,
You and I.
The Damned and The Condemned.


still, my favourite poem i have ever written.

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